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2018's Best US Steampunk Conventions

You know what's even better than making, wearing and displaying steampunk art, accessories and clothing? Going to conventions where there are hundreds of other people doing the same things! Here's a list and a brief description of the hottest steampunk conventions to set down in the US in 2018. (We'll have a list of global steampunk fests coming up soon.)

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5 Steampunk Works Of Art To Inspire You

While we're all about expressing our love of all things steampunk by adorning ourselves with interesting bits and baubles, others embrace the ethos by creating striking steampunk works of art. Here are five of our favorites. Have a look; hopefully you'll get some inspiration to create your own masterpiece!

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5 Hardware Items For A Steampunk Look

While it's certainly tempting — and easy — to purchase pre-made steampunk gear, some may have more of a DIY mindset. For these steampunkers toiling away endlessly in their basements surrounded by steam-powered saws and hand-crank drills, a more logical place to search for fashion ideas is the hardware store instead of the costume shop. For you, we present this list of five hardware items that can help "wratchet" up your steampunk look in no time.

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