5 Steampunk Works Of Art To Inspire You

While we're all about expressing our love of all things steampunk by adorning ourselves with interesting bits and baubles, others embrace the ethos by creating striking steampunk works of art. Here are five of our favorites. Have a look; hopefully you'll get some inspiration to create your own masterpiece!

Steampunk Fantasyscape

Recognize this one? That's right — it's our banner image! This fantastical lanscape was created by a Pixabay user who goes by the handle of bliksemsteen. If you haven't heard of them, Pixabay is a site that offers free images from some really talented artists. Of course, if you use an image, you are welcome to buy the artist a cup of coffee, which really means just giving them a donation to keep up the good work. bliksemsteen definitely got some coffee from us!

Steampunk Surprise

Here's another shot you might recognize. It's the image we decided to use as our profile picture on Facebook. It's also from Pixabay, but this time by a Russian photographer who goes by the handle VViktor. (Yup, he got some coffee love too!) We love the dual-colored goggle lenses and the off-kilter goggles on the hat. Oh, and the arm cuff ain't too bad either!

Getting Crabby

This commendable crab is from French artist Steeven Salvat and is part of a mechanical crustacean series he says he made on ancient paper colored with tea. Salvat says the series was inspired by old anatomical prints and that each one took him about 30 hours to make. "I create artworks with a hatching technique, using black ink, Rotring pens, a lot of lines and hundreds of hours," says Salvat on his Behance page

Type Right-On!

The writers among us here at the Steampunk Saloon were pretty much drooling over this one (good thing goggles can be flipped over to act as drool catchers.) The image was created by Aleksandr Kuskov from the Ukraine, who's been cranking out cool images like this for about a decade.

Steampunk Astrolabe Table

Astrolabes were devices used by ancient astronomers to study the heavenly bodies. This super-realistic 3D rendering imagines an astrolabe as a table — a table that we'd love to have in the Steampunk Saloon one day. The image, along with several equally gorgeous angles, was created by Davison Carvalho, a production designer from Bellvue, Washington. 

"Back in April 2016 I was about to join Ready at Dawn as Lead Ui Artist and I was in the middle of some Concept art for Doctor Strange that required some extra 3D knowledge, so I felt I need to learn more 3D," he says about this project. "I’m not a 3D professional artist so I needed to practice a bit since it would also help the Ui work in general at RAD. So I went to try making a device design that relied only on mechanical parts powered by vapor (steam), with no sci-fi-energy techy glowy lights — only natural light, optics and vapor! I went full steampunk on this inspired by Orrery, Astrolabes, Steampunk tech, Watch mechanisms and Tabletop games."

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